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Netafim was founded in 1965 by farmers and Agronomists on the idea that micro-irrigation is a solution to one of the world's most urgent problems: lack of quality water for food production. That idea is still at the heart of every product, which are designed to promote water conservation.

Today, we are among the largest irrigation companies in the world, with factories and offices in over 120 countries. Netafim USA, a division of the Netafim International Group, is headquartered in Fresno, California. We offer a full-line of products for a variety of markets including Agriculture, Landscape & Turf, Greenhouse & Nursery, Mining and Wastewater. Our products are sold through Dealers and Distributors in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. Visit our global web site.


Our Vision

As the world's leading irrigation company, we will drive mass adoption of drip irrigation to fight scarcity of water, land and food. 

Our Mission

  • We will make drip the irrigation solution of choice worldwide by increasing awareness and delivering comprehensive solutions that are reliable, simple and affordable.
  • We will provide our customers with world-class support to ensure outstanding results and peace of mind.
  • Leveraging our global leadership position, high-quality offering and pioneering spirit, our team commits its agronomic know-how, technological expertise and deep passion to enhance the well-being of our customers.

Our Core Values

Integrity -  we conduct ourselves with the highest of standards.

Trust is built everyday by doing what we say we will do.

Teamwork - we rely on each other for our mutual success.

Commitment - we take personal responsibility for excellence and quality in everything we do.

Respect - we recognize the value of fellow team members, customers, and business partners.

Drip Technology Offers a World of Benefits

Drip consists of flexible polyethylene tubing with drippers permanently welded to the tubing's wall – as well as drippers punched onto the outside wall of the tubing. The drippers slowly emit specified amounts of water and nutrients, at low pressure, directly to the plant's root zone. This continual delivery of water and nutrients increases the grower's ability to manage crop production, resulting in earlier, more profitable harvests, as well as enhanced consistency in yields from year to year. Energy, water and fertilizer costs are minimized to further improve profitability. With minimal loss of water to runoff and evaporation – as well as uniform application to plants, drip irrigation offers a world of benefits.

Solutions for Agriculture

Our drip irrigation products are primarily used to reap the earliest, maximum harvests from permanent tree, vine and row crops. From sugar cane in Hawaii to wine grapes in California's Napa Valley, and from cotton in Texas to citrus trees in Florida – Our products help growers reap healthy, profitable harvests.

Solutions for Greenhouse and Nursery

Products for greenhouses and nurseries support efficient use of water eliminating hand watering, reducing labor costs. Our watering systems uniformly distribute water and nutrients to all plants in the nursery or greenhouse for improved plant quality and production.

Solutions for Landscape and Turf

Landscape professionals have long recognized the benefits of drip irrigation for new plantings. Lush landscapes can be maintained using as much as 50% less water than with other methods. Immediately available to the root zone, water isn't wasted through evaporation, wind overspray, mist or surface run-off. Foliage is kept dry, greatly reducing fungal diseases. Drip irrigation also eliminates bothersome stains on buildings and lessens the potential for liability that can arise from slippery sidewalks.

Solutions for Wastewater Management

Responding to the growing challenges of wastewater dispersal, Netafim has developed Bioline Subsurface drip systems for wastewater applications. Bioline integrates state-of-the-art wastewater recycling technology with proven irrigation technology, economically disposing of wastewater by turning it into a productive irrigation resource. Consumption of precious freshwater resources is reduced, while the cost to keep landscapes flourishing is minimized.

Solutions for Mining

Our mining division offers gold and copper mines dripline products compliment conventional leaching methods by offering a more efficient method for applying chemicals during the leaching process. The use of dripline reduces or replaces the need for spraying chemicals into the air, and eliminates the “ponding” of chemicals at the mining site.

Netafim University

We have long understood the need and value of education. In 1998 we formalized it with the inception of Netafim University. Since then, we have brought together agricultural professionals from around the world.

Netafim University is a training program designed to help customers get the most from their micro-irrigation equipment and their relationship with us. Through Netafim University Professional Study Programs, we help educate agricultural professionals by bringing them together with other industry experts and discuss the latest advancements.

Industry Recognitions

Our philosophy of continuous improvement helps us earn ongoing prestigious acknowledgements.

2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award. Netafim is honored to be named the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA) Laureate. SIWA recognizes the business sector's contribution to sustainable water management. One of the world's most important water industry awards, SIWA annually honors one company that has demonstrated devoted water stewardship through impressive achievements in its water usage. "Globally, 70 percent of our finite freshwater is used for irrigation and with rapidly expanding demand for agricultural products, there is a dire need to improve water productivity," said SIWA Committee in its citation. "Netafim's remarkable achievements, helping farmers across the world to 'grow more with less', are directly contributing to a more water-and-food-secure world." Netafim CEO Igal Aisenberg had the following to say about the SIWA Award, "We are truly honored to receive the Stockholm Industry Water Award. As the global pioneer and leader in drip irrigation, we have always focused on saving water. With water and land scarcity topping the list of today's major global challenges, we're leveraging our expertise and experience in drip technology to help combat food price inflation, ensure food security, and achieve water sustainability. This prestigious award is testimony to our efforts and inspires us to continue to help reduce water usage and make the world a better and more sustainable place." To read more about the SIWA award, click here.

ISO Certification

Our philosophy of continuous improvement helps us earn ongoing prestigious acknowledgements

ISO Certification. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. These important certifications are our commitment to best management practices to ensure that our management systems consistently meet the highest standards in the industry. To maintain these certifications we nurture a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

2006 California Challenge Award, Small Manufacturing Category (State-level affiliate of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award). Acknowledges our work towards continuous improvement and achievement of high performance standards established by the Baldridge award criteria in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, human resources focus, process management and business results.

2005 EPA Waste Wise Award. The US Environmental Protection Agency recognized Netafim USA's waste reduction achievements throughout our manufacturing processes and in field installations.

2005 Environmental Management Systems Certifications. Netafim has received the ISO 14001:2004 Certification for its efficient manufacturing processes, concern for employee safety and commitment to the environment.

2001 APICS Company of the Year Award/San Joaquin Chapter. APICS, internationally known and respected for leading the way in production excellence, presented Netafim this award for service to our growing customer base and education of our employees.

2000 Excellence in Business Award/Manufacturing. Presented by the Central Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Fresno Business Council and the Economic Development Corporations of Central California for Netafim USA's corporate success and growth, high ethical standards, employee and customer service and concern for the environment.


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