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50 Years of Shaping the Future

Here at Netafim we believe that little things can make a big change. This video honors farmers across the globe who practice that philosophy by embracing drip irrigation technology to grow more crops with less resources. Drop by drop, field by field, country by country. The world of agriculture is evolving, directly impacting global water and land scarcity and ensuring food security for the world.

Video about how Netafim, along with farmers, have been shaping the future of agriculture for 50 years


Can Drip Irrigation Keep the Prairie Profitable? July 2014  An article published in the High Plains Journal explores the benefits of drip irrigation and subsurface drip irrigation in particular. Interviews with 2012 World Food Prize Laureate Daniel Hillel and Freddie Lamm, Ph.D. research agricultural engineer at Kansas State University.


Netafim wins Best of NAMA Award

Netafim USA and marketing agency, AdFarm, received a prestigious Best of NAMA (National Agri-Marketing Association) Award at the 2014 NAMA Conference held in Jacksonville, Florida. The winning single page ad titled 'Drip Your Way to Higher Yields Using Less Water' featured a corn cob made from drip irrigation tubing.


photo of NAMA award beside corn cob illustration using drip irrigation advertisement



CNBC Interview with Netafim CEO, John Vikupitz

CNBC Interview with Netafim CEO, John Vikupitz on subsurface drip irrigation SDI

One Man's Drought is Another Man's Opportunity. With the current drought situation, Netafim drip irrigation systems are a much more efficient form of irrigation. Many grower's find that the precise placement of water and fertilizer enables them to stretch tight water supplies over more acres than they would be able to farm under more traditional furrow or sprinkler systems.

drip irrigation

Irrigation Insight - December 2013  Water - We're All in it Together. Netafim is awarded the Stockholm Industry Water Award for their contributions to sustainable water management.


Pressure Compensating Drippers - November 2013  Withstanding the Test of Time - the reliability of Netafim's pressure compensating drippers has made them the irrigation product of choice for permanent crops.


Irrigation Insight November 2013

Irrigation Insight - November 2013  Does Price Make a Difference? One farmer learns that inexpensive drip tubing can cost more in the long run.


Irrigation Insight August 2013

Irrigation Insight - September 2013  Netafim Helps Urban Schools Connect to Agriculture and Their Food - Netafim works with Common Vision, a non-profit, to help establish orchards at approximately 200 urban schools.


Valley Courier - August 2013  Drip Irrigation Trials on Potatoes - The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee sponsored a trial to prove Colorado valley crops will grow using drip irrigation systems.


Western Farm Press - August 2013  Improving Alfalfa Yields One Drip at a Time - An interview with Steve Maddox Jr. from Maddox Dairy in Riverdale, CA.


Irrigation Insight August 2013

Irrigation Insight - August 2013  Choosing the Right Drip System for Almonds - How many driplines do you need and how do you choose the best dripper for your almond operation?


Irrigation Insight July 2013

Irrigation Insight - July 2013  You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure, Right? Drip/micro irrigation systems are usually in place for decades and the performance of those irrigation systems are rarely measured.


Irrigation Insight June 2013

Irrigation Insight - June 2013  Are You Getting All the Protection You Need? Flap technology gives your subsurface drip irrigation system added protection.


Irrigation Insight May 2013

Irrigation Insight - May 2013  California Alfalfa Grower Increases Yields With Drip Irrigation - With an eye towards efficiency and cost savings, farm manager Seth Rossow uses a Netafim drip system to irrigate alfalfa more effectively.


Irrigation Insight April 2013

Irrigation Insight - April 2013  Netafim USA Committed to Agriculture - When buying Netafim, we believe growers aren't just buying a drip irrigation system, they're entering into a partnership with a company that understands agriculture.