2" Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filters

Product Information

2" Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filter

2” Compact Low Pressure (LP) Disc-Kleen Filters are the perfect solution when automation is desired because manual cleaning is frequent and too cumbersome. A new redesigned filter spine allows flushing at a lower pressure – 30 psi. This saves money on energy costs and maintains water flow to the field during the flushing cycle for crop uniformity. The built-in backflush controller, operated by pressure differential gauge and/or time, operates on (2) 9 volt DC lithium batteries. The filter now has a grey colored body and cover for easy identification. Installation is easy with this pre-assembled compact unit. There are two models based on overall flow with a maximum flow rate of 80 GPM.

Product Advantages

  • Proven depth filtration filters through the entire depth of the disc ring, not just the surface.
  • Non-corrosive, UV protected polypropylene materials resist rust and corrosion from chemicals and weather.
  • Factory assembled and tested for a quick and easy water in/water out installation
  • Small footprint saves valuable space.
  • Less backflush time optimizes overall irrigation application of water.


  • Compact pre-assembled unit for easy installation - fits in tight spaces.
  • AC models uses 110 VAC power source; includes a 100 to 24 V transformer and uses a 24 VAC solenoid
  • DC model uses (2) 9 volt DC lithium batteries and uses a 12 VDC latching solenoid
  • Built-in backflush controller functions by pressure differential gauge and/or time.
  • Easily accessible bypass screen filter ensures clean water for backflushing


  • Irrigation systems with a capacity of 1 to 80 GPM requiring clean water to operate drippers or micro-sprinklers 
  • For areas with or without electricity
  • When automatic backflushing is desirable because manual cleaning is frequent and too cumbersome