Guardian Air Vents

2 & 3 Guardian

3/4" & 1" Guardian
Air & Vacuum Air Vent

2 & 3 Guardian

3/4" & 1" Guardian
with Shrader Valve

2 & 3 Guardian

2" & 3" Guardian
Air & Vacuum Air Vents

Guardian Air Vents proven design provides more air release capacity than other vents of similar size. Commonly used to break vacuum caused by sytem draining.

Product Advantages

  • Ensures maximum protection of the irrigation system with proper sizing and placement.
  • Ensures vent closure as water fills the system, remains open when air pressure reaches the following:
    • 5 psi for 3/4" and 1" Guardian
    • 10 psi for 2" Guardian
    • 8 psi for 3" Guardian
  • Large capacity vents dampen water hammer preventing pipes and fittings from cracking or bursting.
  • Made of corrosion-resistant reinforced UV protected composite materials - no metal parts to rust or corrode, no need for spare parts.
  • Guardian Air Vent with Shrader Valve is ideal for measuring local line pressure.


  • Commonly used downstream of valves, primarily at manifolds, to break vacuum caused by system draining.
  • On sloping terrain to prevent collapsing of pipes caused by vacuum when pipe networks drain.
  • Upstream of valves for air discharge during system start-up.