Pro Air Vent

Pro Air Vents have a dynamic design which allows for high capacity air discharge while preventing premature closing. A one-piece sealed unit contains the float and seal making it easy to remove and replace.

Product Advantages

  • Reliable operation reduces water hammer incidents.
  • Dynamic design allows for high capacity air discharge whie preventing premature closing.
  • Float and seal assembly are enclosed in a one-piece, easily replaceable unit - independent of the air vent body.
  • Sealing assembly, with its unique patented rolling seal feature which allows gradual opening, closing and self-cleaning, is contained in the one-piece float assembly.
  • Simple and reliable reinforced nylon body is compact in size and light-weight.
  • The light-weight feature is ideal for installation on plastic piping systems and other light-weight piping systems.
  • Threaded discharge outlet allows connection of additional piping for venting and drainage.
  • Body and all operating parts made of high-strength corrosion-resistant composite materials.


  • Pump stations - after the pump and after the check valve
  • Downstream (after) and upstream (before) shut-off valves
  • After deep well pumps
  • On long, constant sloped pipeline segments
  • At peaks along the pipeline and at peaks relative to hydraulic gradient
  • At end lines
  • Before water meters
  • On strainers and filters


One-Piece Float & Seal Assembly

Float and seal are enclosed in a one-piece sealed unit with no need for a separate o-ring. It's easy to remove - just unscrew the threaded float lock and replace with a new unit. No need to replace the complete air vent.