Backflush Valves

Backflush Valves for drip irrigation solutions

Series 350 Backflush Valve

Iron backflush valve for drip irrigation

Iron Backflush Valve

Backflush Valves are designed for automatic backflushing of filters. Netafim offers plastic and iron hydraulically operated backflush valves to fit both disc and sand media filters.

Series 350 Backflush Valves

  • 3-way hydraulically operated diaphragm valves with low pressure loss.
  • Glass reinforced polyamide body.
  • Double chambered design requires low actuation pressure for a wide application range.
  • Dynamic sealing diaphragm seals at very low pressure and prevents seal friction and erosion.
  • Highly durable reinforced plastic valve is chemical and cavitation resistant.
  • T-configuration valve has a common outlet connected to the filter inlet and two other outlets - one to the water inlet manifold and the other one to the drain manifold.
  • Used with 2" Compact LP Disc-Kleen filter, 2" LP Disc-Kleen filters, 3" LP Disc-Kleen filters, Apollo Disc-Kleen filters and AGF Sand Media filters.

Iron Backflush Valves

  • Cast iron sturdy body.
  • Easy installation with no special tools required.
  • Low head loss from direct diaphragm sealing valve.
  • Grooved end connections.
  • Used with Sand Media filters and Disc-Kleen filters for high pressure applications.