Check Valves

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Nylon Check Valves

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Aluminum Check Valves

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Check Valve
with Limit Switch

Product Information

Check Valve
with Indicator Stem

Check Valves are dependable, durable and simple to maintain. The unique upper flap chamber reduces head losses and prevents clogging.

Product Advantages

  • Made of engineered plastic materials for reliable operation under highly corrosive conditions.
  • Spring loaded mechanism with unique upper flap chamber prevents clogging.
  • Minimum head loss - as the flap rises, its arm shortens resulting in a reduced movement and head loss reduction.
  • Wafer type construction allows check valve to be mounted between flanges and installation in any position.
  • Multiple sizes with optional indicator stem or electric limit switch.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.


  • For all types of irrigation systems and applications of fertilizers through the irrigation lines.
  • For hot water and heating systems.