Heavywall Dripline

Product Information

UniRam, DripNet PC and Triton X are the industry's most advanced drip irrigation products available. Ideal for tree and vine crops, Netafim heavywall driplines provide growers with efficient, money-saving tools to better manage specific water and nutrient requirements. Netafim’s unique dripper features include:

  • Injection-molded Dripper - Netafim pioneered the use of molded drippers and each one is manufactured to Netafim’s highest standards - the standard from which other manufacturer’s measure their performance. Injection-molded drippers are made of high quality polyethylene material and are welded into a wall of seamless tubing creating a strong and durable dripline. The dripline is made from the highest quality resins available so it’s resilient enough to last through multiple seasons, year after year. Netafim’s superior dripline works better and lasts longer reducing replacement costs and maintenance requirements - saving time and money.
  • Raised Dripper Design - Because Netafim drippers are welded to the inside wall of the tubing, their raised position points the dripper inlet toward the center of the tubing where it draws the cleanest possible water. The larger particles travel along the walls of the tubing, bypassing the dripper’s inlet, reducing entry of potentially clogging sediment.

Netafim High Performance Family of Heavywall Driplines

UniRam Heavywall Dripline

  • Pressure compensating drippers provide higher uniformity on steeper fields and longer runs.
  • Wide range of flows allows designers to better match the soil infiltration rates making water and nutrients available to a larger volume of the crop’s root zone.
  • Extremely large dripper inlet filtration area (thirteen times larger than other manufacturers)
  • Widest dripper flow path
  • Anti-siphon mechanism
  • Continuous self-cleaning, self-flushing diaphragm

DripNet PC™ Heavywall Dripline

  • Wide pressure range produce uniform dripper flow rates - longer runs and steep topographies are irrigated with high uniformity.
  • Lowest coefficient of manufacturing variability (Cv) in the industry.
  • Design flexibility is available in a range of dripper flows and spacings, allowing for specific application rates and controlling of wetting pattern in different soil types.
  • Pressure compensating feature delivers precise water applications nearly everywhere in the field.

Triton X Heavywall Dripline

  • Non-pressure compensating
  • Irrigates large fields with with quarter-mile runs reducing system and labor costs.
  • Large dripper filter flushes out large particles for long-term use and efficiency.