NMC Junior System Manager

Product Information

NMC Junior System Manager

Automation maximizes your irrigation investment by allowing you to leverage the full capability of your irrigation system. Research with both permanent and annual crops has shown that irrigation and fertilizer application in a well managed system provides the highest yield and quality responses. Automation allows you to schedue, operate and log your actions and remain secure in the knowledge that the irrigation and fertigation schedules you set will occur when and how you expect.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce Irrigation Labor Costs
    Reduces irrigation labor so their time can be spent on other farming activities.
  • Improve Yields
    Applying the appropriate amount of water and fertilizer improves crop response and produces higher yields.
  • Optimize Water and Fertilizer Input Expenses
    Monitoring and regulating water and fertilizer reduces costs.
  • Improve Consistency and Quality of Crop
    Maintaining soil moisture and nutrient availability produces consistent, high quality crops.
  • Focus Management on the Bottom-line
    Frees up valuable time to focus on increasing your overall operation's bottom line profits.


Note: Dealers must be trained and authorized to purchase Crop Management Technologies Products. Please contact your Netafim USA District Sales Manager for more information.