Pressure Compensating Drippers

Graphic Info

Netafim Pressure Compensating Drippers developed with Netafim’s advanced pressure compensating technology deliver a uniform flow rate even in areas with difficult topographical conditions. A unique pressure differential mechanism regulates flow and provides self-cleaning action, even while irrigating - for a clog-resistant design and high emission uniformity. 

Product Advantages

  • Patented pressure differential system maintains uniform flow rate at different inlet working pressures (within the recommended range) ensuring exact distribution of water and nutrients.
  • Industry’s widest flow path and wider dripper cross section allow large particles through the dripper’s short flow path.
  • Continuous self-flushing system, even while irrigating, provides improved resistance to clogging.
  • Ideal for areas with difficult topographical conditions.

CNL Feature

  • The CNL feature is an internal check valve or non-draining mechanism that eliminates refill and drainage effects. It is only available with the WPCJ Dripper.


  • Vineyards
  • Orchards
  • Greenhouse and Nursery