Images of PolyNet Tubing

PolyNet is an innovative mainline and sub-mainline piping solution that is easy to install, recoil and relocate for use in an alternate field or different configuration. Featuring leakage-free lateral connectors and integrated welded outlets, spaced according to customer requirements, PolyNet's advanced design provides growers with an easy-to-assemble, precise water delivery solution that lowers labor and maintenance costs and increases water savings. Additionally, the cost (per acre) of a PolyNet drip irrigation system is substantially less than a below-ground PVC system, giving producers more options when deciding on a system that is the right fit for their operation.

Product Advantages

  • Proven to reduce the overall material and labor costs of the entire irrigation system.
  • Integral welded connectors ensure a secure, leak-free connection between distribution pipes and laterals while reducing labor time and costs.
  • The ideal piping solution for distribution and submain applications.
  • Thermostatic, collapsible irrigation pipe is construction from premium polyethylene with a low expansion rate and zero axial elongation.
  • Flexible and light-weight for maximum portability and quicker movement from field to field.
  • Flat, compact coil design reduces freight and storage costs.
  • Faster layout and retrieval processes results in decreased manpower costs.
  • Versatile and durable to withstand the most stringent climatic and environmental conditions.
  • Requires no specialized tools for installation.
  • Offered with a full line of branching and lateral connectors compatible with all Netafim systems.


  • Agricultural, Horticultural and Mining
  • Used for transfer, submain and distribution pipe
  • Subsurface and surface installations
  • Use with Thinwall driplines