Pulsar Sprinkler


Netafim's Pulsar with StripNet™ Head is pressure compensated and distributes small amounts of water, multiple pulses per minute according to the flow rate, over a large wetted pattern. It ensures continuous irrigation over a broad range of pressures. StripNet head is available in three flow rates, 3.1, 4.0, and 5.3 GPH and is ideal for frost mitigation or cooling in vineyards.

Product Advantages

  • Pressure compensation delivers precise and equal amounts of water over a broad range of pressures.
  • Unique self-compensating mechanism in the dripper makes it ideal for hillside applications or longer rows.
  • Delivers multiple pulses per minute, according to the flow rate, ensuring continuous irrigation over a large area.
  • Targeted application of water eliminates soil saturation or flooding even after many hours of irrigation.
  • Retrofitting from an existing drip system is simple and quick.
  • Flow rates match dripline flow rates.


  • Frost mitigation for vineyards
  • Cooling in vineyards
  • Strip irrigation