radionet wireless technology for drip irrigation system management

RadioNet is the next generation in radio valve control systems. For the first time, control and monitoring functions are combined in a radio-based platform with easy to use diagnostic intelligence to ensure peak performance now and into the future.

The RadioNet System includes Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Radios and Software which provide continuous wireless monitoring and ultimate long distance control. This modular system provides reliable and consistent results and allows control via a Netafim NMC Controller or many other irrigation controllers.

With Store and Forward Technology, each unit has repeater options which provide the ability to overcome objects in the way of the communication path and allow commands and information to be sent across great distances. RadioNet is intended for use in open fields, nursery and net house/greenhouse applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless Control and Monitoring
    Optimized seamless network enables exceptional throughput in any environment.
  • Modularity and Scalability
    Unlimited control and monitoring configurations with four expansion slots. Offers nine digital outputs and 10 digital inputs.
  • Extended Range
    Units operate as a store & forward data repeater to increase geographical coverage up to 3 miles between every two units and up to 14 hops.
  • Diagnostic Reliability
    Immediate assessment of a frequency failure and service downtime through remote alerts and diagnostics.
  • Compatability
    Versatile and easy connectivity to a wide range of controllers.
  • Reliability In Extreme Conditions
    Temperature range of -13° to 185°F ensures reliable operation under severe environmental conditions.


Note: Dealers must be trained and authorized to purchase Crop Management Technologies Products. Please contact your Netafim USA District Sales Manager for more information.