Netafim offers a complete line of sprinkler solutions for a wide range of crops.

Earning a reputation as the most reliable and durable sprinklers available with their exceptional distribution uniformity and large, clog-resistant water passages. Their simple, modular design allows for easy accessory options making them adaptable to almost any application.

  • MegaNet

    MegaNet™ Rotating Impact Sprinklers provide excellent distribution uniformity up to a 40 foot wetted diameter. This perfectly balanced sprinkler has two equal water jets which eliminates wobbling. The robust design is closed preventing insect penetration and can be installed on solid sets or in removable field stands. It's available in two water trajectory angles and seven nominal flow rates.

  • NetJet

    NetJet High Performance Spray Jet is a low maintenance, open spray jet that delivers superior performance at 5-psi lower operating pressures - maximizing efficiencies and yields, while reducing water usage and labor. Specially designed for orchards, vineyards and nurseries.