Thinwall Fittings

Thinwall Dripline 

Netafim Thinwall Fittings provide a secure, leak-proof connection for buried installations in soils that expand and contract with wet and dry cycles. Available with Streamline, Typhoon, and DripNet PC Thinwall Driplines from 5 to 25 mil.


  • For .636", 875" and .990" Netafim Thinwall Driplines
  • Surface or subsurface installations
  • For connecting to PVC, Layflat, Oval Tube and Polyethylene Tubing

Product Advantages

  • Secure connection even in expansive soils
  • Provides easy and fast hand installation
  • Chemical, UV and heat resistant


  • TWD = Thinwall Dripline
  • PE = Polyethylene Tubing
  • ID = Inside Diameter
  • FIPT = Female Iron Pipe Thread
  • MIPT = Male Iron Pipe Thread
  • STD = Standard Fitting
  • TWL = Twist-Lock Fitting


All Netafim USA fittings are designed for use only with Netafim USA thinwall driplines only. Warranty is void when used with other manufacturer's driplines.