Typhoon 875

Product Information

Typhoon 875

Typhoon 875 is the ultimate thinwall dripperline for long-term irrigation of row crops. Designed for multi-seasonal use, surface or shallow burial (up to 10”) and retrieval and reuse applications. Available in 8, 10, 13 and 15 mil wall thicknesses and flow rates from .18, .25, .36 and .58 GPH.

Product Advantages

  • Seamless Construction
    • Stronger, more durable than comparable drip tape
    • Fortifies against splitting or bursting under high pressures required for proper flushing
    • Eliminates root growth and intrusion - no path for roots to follow
  • Dripperlines packaged with more feet per reel, the industry’s longest, requiring fewer fittings and less time changing reels during installation
  • Industry’s lowest filtration requirement - 120 mesh


  • For surface or permanent subsurface drip installations.
  • 8 mil for seasonal or multi-seasonal use, surface or shallow (up to 8") burial.
  • 10 mil for multi-seasonal use, surface or shallow (up to 10") burial retrevial or reuse applications.
  • 13 mil durable protection against rocks and insect intrusion. For deep burial (up to 24").
  • 15 mil multi-seasonal use subsurface, not recommended for surface use.