Water Meters

Product Information

Most Accurate Water Meters in the Industry - Precision Quality at Economical Prices. Netafim Water Meters are specifically designed for irrigation systems to provide the most accurate and reliable flow readings. We offer a full range of sizes to fit most applications. The simple design provides an open water passage resulting in very low headloss. Even water with a high content of impurities is measured with +/-2% accuracy. Available with or without straightening vane and a full range of installation options - vertical, horizontal or oblique positions. The Water Meter Family Brochure highlights all the water meters offered by Netafim including features and benefits, selection guidelines, as well as application and installation considerations.

M and WMR Water Meters are the industry's smallest water meters with a wide clearance in the measuring chamber for full pipe measurements and high reliablity.

WST and WT Water Meters are very accurate over a wide range of flows since the impeller is located in the center of the flow.

IRT Water Meters have a paddle wheel design and free water passage which results in low headloss and are ideal for moderate to dirty water conditions.

Fertilizer Meters are light-weight and corrosion resistant while delivering a high level of accuracy.

Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters provide precise measurement of flow with double-beam ultrasonic sensors. There is no impeller or moving parts in the flow path. A multi-line readout screen provides complete flow and volume information instantaneously and the 9 digit display is easy to read at a glance. With flow ranges from 1 to 5,500 GPM and 2" to 12" sizes, the Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter provides highly accurate flow readings.

Saddle Meters offer reliable and accurate flow readings. The unique double magnetic transmission design allows the meter to handle high loads of sand since only the impeller is in contact with the water. Repelling magnets enable accurate measurement across a wide range of flow rates, from very high to very low, while maintaining superior accuracy even after many years of operation. Netafim Saddle Meters have the industry’s longest warranty, 3 years beginning from the date of installation.

Hydrometers are a combination water meter and hydraulic valve in a single unit saving space and installation costs. The double-chambered valve is specially designed for high pressure operation. Addition of pilot or solenoid valves enables remote and/or automatic hydraulic commands. Available in globe onfiguration and a large variety of sizes.

Netafim Flow Computer for communication between Netafim Water Meters and a wide range of equipment – fertilizer pumps, data recorders and controllers. It reads and records difficult to reach underground meters and stores up to 64 totals for each 24 hour period. Available in three models with easy to read digital displays and simple programming.

Fertilizer Injectors are designed with simple venturi technology requiring few moving parts and little maintenance. Venturi injectors provide the most cost effective method of introducing chemicals into a pressurized irrigation system. Netafim Fertilizer Injectors are small, lightweight units which allow installation flexibility and are resistant to most common agricultural chemicals.