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Thinwall Dripline

Thinwall Dripline Technical Sheets
Thinwall Fittings Technical Sheet
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Heavywall Dripline

Heavywall Dripline Technical Sheets
Spanish Heavywall Dripline Technical Sheets

On-Line Drippers

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Pipe and Tubing


Sprinklers Technical
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Sprinklers Technical Guide


Filters Technical Sheets
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Installation and Operation Instructions


Valves Technical Sheets
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Valves Quick Selection Guide
Valve Selection Tool
Valve Headloss Calculation Tool
Valves Operation Guides

Air Vents, Check Valves & Pressure Regulators

Air Vents Technical Sheets
Air Vents Guides
Air Vent Movie
Check Valves Technical Sheets
Pressure Regulator Technical Sheets

Water Meters

Water Meters Technical Brochures
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Fertilizer Injector Technical Sheet
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Crop Management Technologies (CMT)

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