Nursery Containers

Product Information

With hand watering a thing of the past, Netafim Automated Systems take Nursery Container irrigation to the next level. The slow and steady application of water eliminates fertilizer and water run-off. All Netafim products are made with the highest quality materials and guaranteed to perform day in and day out.

  • Non-Pressure Compensating Spray Stake deliver a precise amount of water and fertilizer directly to the container. Pressure Compensating Spray Stakes provide improved water and fertilizer control as well as an efficient spray pattern that evenly wets the soil surface to maximize water retention.
  • MegaNet™ Rotating Impact Sprinklers provide excellent distribution uniformity up to a 40 foot wetted diameter. This perfectly balanced sprinkler has two equal water jets which eliminates wobbling. The robust design is closed preventing insect penetration and can be installed on solid sets or in removable field stands. It’s available in two water trajectory angles and seven nominal flow rates.
  • Vibro-Spray High Flow Sprinkler with its flat trajectory and large wind fighting particles results in fast uniform watering.
  • Space-It Dripline is a labor saving drip system for watering potted plants. The dripline has a visible mark at the location of each dripper to save time during installation and reduce crop loss.
  • Driplines have injected molded emitters requiring simple filtration, are portable for multi-year usage and eliminate plugging for problem free irrigation.