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The Techline Calculator App gives you a quick and easy way to determine your landscape design needs from anywhere. Just plug in your dripline placement, soil type, and size of project, and the calculator app provides you recommendations for dripline amount, total GPM of zone, application rate, application time, and a control zone kit.

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Techline Calculator - Desktop Version

Techline Calculator Program

The Techline Calculator provides a complete analysis of your dripline zone and includes all of the necessary support components. Plug in the square footage of the area you want to irrigate, whether it's a garden or lawn, and what type of soil you're working with, and the calculator will give you the following information:

  • Amount of dripline in feet
  • Range of inches between rows
  • Distance between emitters
  • Total emitters in zone
  • Flow of the zone in GPM
  • Application rate in water in inches per hour based on the row spacing you choose
  • Amount of time to apply 1/4" of water

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