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"Delivers water uniformly"

Drip Irrigation from the world's leading innovator

"We've specified Netafim Techline in public works projects for over four years and have never had a problem with freezing and thawing.

We especially like the fact that it is easy to install, delivers water uniformly, and is pressure compensating and self cleaning."

-- Brian Vinchesi, Irrigation Consulting & Engineering, Inc., Massachusetts


"Techline is reliable"

"I've specified Techline regularly in planter beds for more than 3 years. I saw it at the Irrigation Association show and gave it a try.

I never used much drip before because drip didn't have a good name. But Netafim's Techline is reliable and has proven itself. It's a good product. It's easy to install, my clients like it, and I've never had any complaints. It works."

-- Mike Astram, Northern Designs, Milford, Connecticut


"Excellent education on installation"

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"The Texas region is a real difficult area to introduce new products to. Initially, I was real skeptical of drip myself, but Techline has turned me into a believer.

I've used it in auto dealerships islands, as well as planters and beds in high-traffic areas like malls and apartment complexes where you don't want risers or spray on sidewalks -- for liability, vandalism and aesthetic reasons.

And I like it that Netafim takes a long-term view in product design and reliability, with excellent education on proper installation and maintenance."

-- David C.A. Coleman, President, DFW Sprinkler Systems, Inc., Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Past President, TTIA (Texas Turf Irrigator's Association)


"No overspray to unwanted areas"

drip irrigation deliver water uniformly

"We've installed Techline for six or seven years -- we use miles of it, mostly around shrubs and perennials, in irregularly shaped areas and for foundation planting.

We like it because of its even distribution of water and it keeps watering confined to planted material with no potential overspray into unwanted areas. It's very effective and not at all hard to install. We like to bury it 2" to 4" below the soil with mulch on top and staples every 12" to 15".

If you're a contractor that hasn't tried Techline yet, I'd say give it a shot -- you'll enjoy it."

-- Bill Gallagher, President, Summer Rain, Greenwich, Connecticut


"Water saving"

techline is reliable

"I was a contractor for more than 26 years, and remember when drip first came out in the 60's and it didn't work. But Techline is much different and very reputable.

We've been working with Techline for four or five years now in narrow planting and mulch beds on major commercial sites and highway projects west of the Mississippi. It's gone through several winters just fine.

We like Netafim Techline because it's water saving, requires less maintenance than pop-ups so should last a long time, and it's simple -- easy to learn. It looks more complicated than it is, but if you look at it with an open mind and give it a try, you'll appreciate that it solves a lot of problems."

no overspray to unwanted areas

-- Larry Keesen, Keesen Water Management, Denver, Colorado


"Minimal maintenance"

"We've used Netafim Techline in park areas, under grass tennis courts, with putting greens and in streetscapes. Our first installation was under turf more than eight years ago.

In all cases, even in our desert sand and clay soil types, it continues to perform as specified with even watering and minimal maintenance."

-- Don Teal, Teal Design Group, Nevada