2" & 3" LP Disc-Kleen Filters

3 inch LP Disc-Kleen Filter

3” LP Disc-Kleen Filter

2 inch LP Disc-Kleen Filter

2” LP Disc-Kleen Filter

Features & Benefits

  • Proven Depth Filtration
    Collects debris along the depth of the discs, not just at the surface like screen filters. 
  • Made of Non-Corrosive Materials
    Prevents rusting and corrosion from chemicals and weather.
  • Quick Installation
    Factory assembled and tested. Delivered ready for hook-up and immediate operation
  • Small Footprint
    Saves valuable space. 
  • Less Backflush Time Required
    Optimizes irrigation scheduling for uniform watering.


  • For surface water containing algae and other organic materials such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and wastewater applications
  • Residential and multi-family developments
  • Commercial landscapes, institutional parks, sports fields
  • Golf courses
  • Large landscape installations