Netafim Landscape Controller
NLC-100D Decoder  

photo of Netafim Landscape Controller NLC 100D Decoder

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable Line Decoder
    Decoder is easily programmed by the user with specific station identifications connected anywhere along the 2-Wire path to turn on almost any 24VAC solenoid valve.
  • Supports 1 To 100 Valves
    Operate up to 100 valves with one 2-Wire path, connecting the valves in a series.
  • Integrated Diagnostics
    Controller tests for decoder operation as well as 2-Wire path conditions.
  • Manage Remotely
    Control irrigation programs and review daily logs and schedules for multiple sites from any web-based computer (service contract required).
  • Instant Troubleshooting
    Built-in monitors and alarms send automatic notifications pinpointing the exact nature of the problem (service contract required).
  • Easy To Expand
    Adapts to your growing system by allowing the addition or modification of valves with no need for costly rewiring or upgrades.
  • Energy Efficient
    The 2-Wire cable carries both power and signal to control each valve using 1/10th the power of a conventional system.


  • For commercial and residential applications
  • For recreational applications such as sports fields, parks and arenas
  • Nurseries and greenhouses
Chart Showing Operating Features for NLC100D Controller


Chart showing advanced features for the NLC100D Controller