Series 80 Nylon Control Valve for Irrigation - 1 inch

Series 80 Nylon Control Valve for irrigation - 2 inch angle

Features & Benefits

  • Globe Configuration With Built-In Straightening Vane
    Requires no straight pipe installation - saving space.
  • ± 2% Accuracy Across Flow Ranges
    No more false alarms.
  • Rugged, Heavy Duty Construction
    Cast Iron with corrosion resistant coating.
  • Registers Are Stainless Steel/Composite Encapsulated
    Guaranteed against fogging due to moisture.
  • Configured With Any Combination Of Pilot Control
    Manual electric and pressure reducing manual electric. Normally open or normally closed.
  • Double-Chambered Valve
    Provides quick acting and positive opening and closing.
  • Sub Metering
    Meter dedicated to landscape irrigation water.


  • For commercial, institutional and sports field irrigation applications
  • Ideal for retro-fits
  • Designed for high pressure, remote operated applications
  • Water meter can be used to communicate with irrigation controllers and central control units.
  • Valve can function as a remote master valve for automated operation.
  • Multiple pilot options: manual electric and manual electric pressure reducing.