Low Volume Control Zone Kits

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-Assembled Valve, Filter And Pressure Regulator
    Saves installation and labor costs.
  • Compact Design
    3/4" and 1 1/2" kits fit into standard 12" rectangular valve box.
  • Wide Range Of Flow Rates
    For a variety of applications.
  • Proven Filtration
    DISC - provides superior filtration with 25 square inches of filtering surface 
    SCREEN - Nylon screen with 14.90 or 85.60 square inches of filtering surface
  • Available In Two Styles
    With a control valve or with no control valve.


  • Designed for all dripline, drip and micro-spray zones
  • Residential or commercial landscape irrigation applications
  • For zones between 0.25 and 35 GPM

Kits with Disc Filter

Application chart for low volume control zone kits with and without valve

Kits with Screen Filter

chart showing kits with screen filter