Techline® DL

Techline® DL (17mm Dripline)

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Techline DL dripline provides maximum uniformity for both subsurface and on-surface installations. The pressure compensating emitters are ideal for sloping terrains and the anti-siphon feature prevents ingestion of debris into the tubing.

Features And Benefits

  • The First Anti-Siphon Emitter In Landscape Dripline
    Emitter manufactured and successfully used in harsh agricultural applications since 2000. Emitter is pressure compensating and continuous flushing.
  • Emitter With Anti-Siphon Feature
    Prevents ingestion of debris into tubing caused by vacuum.
  • Self-Contained, One-Piece Dripline Construction
    Assures reliable, easy installation.
  • Flexible UV Resistant Tubing
    Adapts to any planting area shape - tubing curves at a 7" radius. On-surface installation withstands heat and direct sun.


  • Subsurface or on-surface installations
  • Curved, angular or narrow planting areas
  • High traffic/high liability areas
  • Areas subject to vandalism
  • High wind areas
  • Turf, shrubs, trees
  • Slopes
  • At-grade windows
  • Sports turf

Techline® DL Technical


  • Emitter flow rates: 0.26, 0.4, 0.6 or 0.9 GPH
  • Emitter spacings: 12", 18", or 24" (24" available in 0.6 and 0.9 GPH only)
  • Pressure compensation range: 6 to 58 psi
  • Bending radius: 7"
  • Maximum recommended system pressure: 58 psi
  • Minimum recommended system pressure: 6 psi
  • Tubing diameter: 0.66" OD; 0.56" ID; 0.050" wall
  • Coil length: 100', 250', 500', 1,000'
  • Recommended minimum filtration: 120 mesh
  • Diaphragm made of silicon
  • ISO 9261 Standard Compliance

Limited Warranty For Techline DL

Netafim warrants Techline® DL to be free from environmental stress cracking for a period of seven (7) years from the date of original delivery.

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