Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter  

Product Information

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate Flow Data Within ± 1.5%
    Double-beam ultrasonic sensors provide highly accurate flow data and reliable operation.
  • No Impeller Or Moving Parts In The Flow Path
    Ensures unrestricted low pressure loss flows.
  • Long Term Performance
    Lithium batteries provide a 10 year life expectancy.
  • Sealed And Tamper Proof IP68 Register
    Programmed to log and display both forward and reverse flow. Physically reversing the meter will not decrease the forward flow totalizer.
  • Instant Information Readings
    Flow and volume information, leak detection, flow direction, output mode, battery level, alarms and errors are viewable from a multi-readout screen.
  • Unique Serial Number And Accuracy Certificate
    Each meter has its own unalterable bar-coded serial number and includes a certificate verifying flow accuracy.
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Requires less maintenance for wear-prone parts commonly found in other meters.


  • Commercial applications
  • Communicate with irrigation controllers and measures water usage for effective water management