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General Information

Netafim USA Mining Division Brochure
Meeting the needs of the Mining and Energy industries - the total system solution from Netafim USA

Mining Price List (Effective January 1, 2016)
Suggested list pricing for Netafim Mining Products 

Dripline Information

Leach Line X Dripline and Leach Line X Dripline - Spanish
Non-pressure compensating for heap leaching in mines 
Mine Line Dripline
Pressure Compensating for uniform leaching on sloping terrain
Mine Lite Dripline
Non-Pressure compensating dripline
FlatNet Flexible PE Distribution Pipe
The first truly manageable pipe for leach pads
Subsurface Drip Installation Guidelines for Mining
Guidelines for dripline installation, injection, and flushing

Filter Information

Manual Disc Filters
Reliable, efficient plastic discs create superior filtration 
Hydrocyclone Separators for Gold Mines
Separates solid matter from water
Scan-Kleen Screen Filters
Quick and easy manual cleaning without system interruption

Valve Information

100 Series Control Valves
Exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates
Flush Valves
Low power electric activation
Pressure Reducing Valves
Nylon and PVC valves with accurate, stable control from no-flow to full-flow

Air Valve Information

Air Valves
A complete guide to Air Valve use, selection and installation

Flow Meter Information

Flow Meters
Free water passage with low headloss and accurate flow measuring
Octave Flow Meter for Gold Mines
Highly accurate ultrasonic flow meter with no moving parts
316 Stainless Steel Octave Flow Meter for Copper Mines
Highly accurate ultrasonic flow meter with stainless steel body
Octave Flow Meter Installation & User Guide
A guideline for proper installation and operation