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Reinforced 100% Polyethylene Pipe with Intergral Threaded Connectors. The first truly manageable pipe for Leach Pads. FlatNet™ is a replacement for existing Lay Flat, PVC and PE Pipes and for use in new installations.

Features & Benefits

  • Flat and compact coil design
    • Easier to work with on the pad
    • Reduces freight, storage and handling costs
  • Lightweight and flexible
    • Up to 80% lighter than other types of distribution pipe
    • Conforms to odd shapes and layouts
    • Easy coiling and trasnport from one location to another
    • Rolls lay out manually or by machine and can be retrieved with mechanized equipment
  • Saves labor on the pad
    • No drilling and tapping required for lateral connections
    • No glued PVC couplings or heat fusion welding of HDPE required
    • Only 1 drill and 2 sockets needed to install and retrieve
  • Durable facotry installed, pre-spaced 1/2" deep FIPT outlets
    • Eliminates fitting pop-outs common with other products
    • Reduces labor with quality threaded connections that can be used over and over
  • Full line of fittings and adapters - most fittings allow for drilling and tapping a 1/2" thread.
  • Fittings are easily removed for pipe rewwinding or folding and movement ot a new location
  • White colored for high solar (UV) resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Enhanced composite fabric structure significantly reduces buckling and expansion (low expansion coefficient) typically seen with lay flat and other flexible pipes
  • Reinforced polyethylene weaves increase durability in rocky conditions


  • Heap leaching.
  • Flat or undulating terrain.