Hydrocyclone Separators

Hydrocyclone With Sedimentation Tank

Netafim Hydrocyclone Separators separates solid matter from water with better than 90% efficiency rating. Removes solids, alleviating dirt load for the backup filter. Pumps, valves and water systems are protected from damage and abrasion caused by debris, lowering maintenance and replacement costs and adding years of performance to the life of your leaching system.

Features & Benefits

  • Conical shape accelerates the velocity of the water increasing the centrifical forces and maximizing separation.
  • Easy to operate and maintain with no moving parts or screens.
  • No headloss build-up or clogging during separation.
  • Large holding capacity of sedimention tank reduces flushing frequency.
  • Maximum anti-corrosion protection with durable and long-lasting coating materials.


  • For separation of sand and other solid matter from water
  • Protection of valves and irrigation systems from damage/abrasion caused by sand and other solid matter
  • Pre-filtering of water with high loads of sand before gravel, disc and screen filters
  • Reclamation projects