Leach Line™ X Dripline

Product Information

Leach Line™ X dripper’s flow path is the industry’s widest allowing particles to pass easily through the dripper, virtually eliminating plugging. Drippers are welded into a wall of seamless tubing, providing added strength and durability. The Dripperline is made with UV and acid resistant polyethylene tubing, the highest quality resins available. Available in 0.400”, 0.540”, 0.620” and 0.690” tubing diameters, 0.4, 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 GPH dripper flow rates.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry's widest and shortest dripper flow path:
    • Patented TurboNet™ technology allows for a wide labyrinth cross-section while keeping the labyrinth very short - these features are critical for the proper performance of a dripper
    • No laminar flow chambers in the dripper's flow path that can encourage clogging
  • Specially-designed filter and its location away from the wall of the tubing allow for reduced filter-slot width and long-term operation. Dripper performs properly even if 90% of the filter is plugged.
  • Constructed of durable polyethylene - UV and acid resistant.
  • Five dripper flow rates - provides teh broadest range of flow rates available.
  • Lowest coefficient of manufacturing variability (Cv) in the industry: <0.03.
  • No special storage requirements - does not degrade if stored outdoors.


  • On-surface or subsurface installations.
  • Heap leach applications.
  • Flat terrain or slopes.
  • Reclamation projects.

Graphic Info

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