Flush Valves

Netafim Flush Valves for Mining are electric on-off valves, operated by a latching solenoid. This solenoid is activated by an electric pulse generated by a battery-operated controller, opening and closing the main valve. The standard valve is supplied in the "normally closed" position, and includes a latching solenoid and a battery operated single valve controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Low power electric activation (battery operated, latching solenoid).
  • High resistance to corrosive water and other acid media (including 3-way solenoid).
  • Simple to install - manufactured with threaded or socket (slip) connections.
  • Simple and reliable design - diaphragm is the only moving component. Shaft, seals or bearings are not located within the water's passage way.
  • A wide selection of materials, coating and diaphragm types.
  • All valve models fit a wide variety of control applications using pilot valves.

Purchase Specifications

  • Hydraulic valve with direct sealing flexible diaphragm.
  • Inline maintenance.
  • Stem, shaft or guide bearing are not located within the water passage.
  • Activated by the line pressure or by an external hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.
  • Operated by a latching solenoid valve and a battery operated single valve controller.
  • Valve and controls are Netafim Series 61MELXPLS (X is used to signify size of valve - 3", 4", 6", etc.).

Quick Sizing

  • Valve size same as line size or one size smaller.
  • Maximum flow speed for continuous operation of 18 ft/sec.

Design Considerations

  • The valve should be suited for the maximal flow and allowed headloss.
  • Large pressure differentials may cause cavitation damage. Consult with Netafim is such conditions are expected.