19000 Series Screen Filters

3 inch or 4 inch epoxy coated screen filter

3" or 4" Epoxy Coated Screen Filter

6 inch or 8 inch epoxy coated screen filter

6" or 8" Epoxy Coated Screen Filter

Stainless steel screen filter

All Sizes Stainless Steel Screen Filter

19000 Series Screen Filters are manual filters with stainless steel screens used as primary or back-up filtration. Their angle body configuration eliminates extra fittings and the grooved connections allow for easy installation. Filter cover is easily removed for servicing and cleaning. Available in Epoxy or Stainless Steel body coatings and sizes from 3” to 10”.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation with grooved connections.
  • Angle configuration design eliminates the use of extra fittings.
  • Durable stainless steel wire mesh screen - supported by a PVC perforated element.
  • Manually purge the filter with ball valve installed in the cover plate.
  • Cover is easily removed for servicing and cleaning.


  • Primary filtration for well water.
  • Back-up filtration for Media Filter Batteries, Sand Separators, and Secondary Filters next to each zone.