2" & 3" LP Disc-Kleen Filters

Product Information

2" LP Disc-Kleen Filter

Product Information

3" LP Disc-Kleen Filter

2” & 3” LP Disc-Kleen Filters are fully automatic filters with a new lower flushing pressure. A redesigned filter spine allows flushing at a lower pressure – 30 psi. This reduces energy costs, the need to oversize the pump and the need for a Pressure Sustaining Valve all of which save money. The filters now have a grey colored body and cover for easy identification. Our proven depth filtration technology optimizes irrigation and saves water. A small footprint saves valuable space and the filters are factory assembled and tested for a quick and easy water in/water out installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory assembled - arrives ready to hook-up for immediate operation.   
  • Available in 24 VAC, 12 VDC or 12 VDC Latching models for operating pressure up to 90 psi. 
  • For operating pressures between 91 - 140 psi, high pressure solenoids are available.    
  • Filtration discs can be changed quickly and easily to suit specific water requirements.   
  • Capable of handling a wide operational flow range. 


  • For surface water containing algae and other organic materials such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and wastewater applications 
  • For well water containing light sand (<3 ppm) and other contaminants