Air Vents

Air Vents Technical


  • Maximum Operating Pressure:
    - 1", 2" Nylon Combination: 240 psi
    - 1", 2" Polypropylene Combination: 150 psi
    - 3/4" & 1" Automatic: 240 psi
    - All Sizes Guardian: 150 psi
  • Pressure for Vent to Remain Open:
    - 3/4"" & 1" Guardian: 5 psi
    - 2" Guardian: 10 psi
    - 3" Guardian: 8 psi
    - All Combination & Automatic: 12 psi

Combination Air/Vacuum And Continuous Acting Air Vents

Stages of Operation

  1. During start-up, the air vent discharges large volumes of air and as the system buids pressure, the body fills with water, forcing the float upwards and closing the air vent.
  2. While the system is pressurized, the "automatic" function continuously releases accumulated air.
  3. At shutdown, the air vent's large opening allows air back into the system preventing the pipe and accessories from collapsing, and preventing suction of mud and debris.

Automatic Continuous Acting Air Vent

Stages of Operation

  1. While the system is pressurized, air accumulates in the body, systematically dropping the rolling seal mechanism releasing the trapped air.
  2. After air is released, water again enters the body and forces the float to close the air vent.

Guardian Air and Vacuum Air Vents

Stages of Operation

  1. Discharges large quantities of air through an opening and as water enters, the float rises and forces the air vent to close.
  2. During normal flow, while the line is under pressure, the air vent remains closed.
  3. As the line empties, or during a drop in pressure, the float drops down and opens the air vent admitting air, breaking the vacuum created by the withdrawing water and prevents the collapse of pipelines and suction of soil into driplines.