Circulating Screen Filters

Product Information

Circulating Screen Filters

Circulating Screen Filters for filtering sand and organic matter offer continuous screen flushing reducing the need for manual cleaning. A specially designed circulation plate filters the water and the continuous downward spiral flushes the screen and forces debris to the collection cell. These filters maintain water flow without increasing the pressure loss. Standard with manual flush valve and flanged connections.

Features & Benefits

  • Maintains water flow without increased pressure loss.
  • Automatically removes residue from screen duringfiltration.
  • Adjusts to system’s actual flow rate for effectivefiltration and trouble-free operation.
  • Reinforced stainless steel screen.
  • Maximum anti-corrosion protection with a durablepolyester protective coating applied electrostaticallyand oven-cured on a zinc-phosphate layer.
  • Optional automatic flush valve and timer available.


  • Well water containing small quantities of sand - less than 3 ppm