Netafim Advanced Filtration Technologies for Reliable and Efficient Performance
Netafim's filtration line includes: Manual and Automatic Disc Filters, Manual and Automatic Screen Filters, and Media Filters. Each filter is manufactured with the highest quality components for dependability and long life. We offer a full range of sizes to meet specific flow range requirements and applications. Our filters will add years of performance to the life of your wastewater system.


Manual Disc Filters utilize flat, grooved plastic rings stacked together in a cylindrical filter element. This provides greater holding capacity as filtration is performed through the entire ring depth and not just the surface. All disc filters utilize this proven depth filtration technology which increases efficiency and protects the system from clogging. Degree of filtration is easily changed - just replace disc rings with desired mesh size.

2” Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filter is ideal for low flow applications requiring an automatic self-cleaning disc filter. A built-in backflush controller operates on two 9V lithium batteries and the compact design fits in tight spaces. Constructed of UV protected reinforced polymer plastic to prevent corrosion.

2” & 3” LP Disc-Kleen Filter is a fully automatic disc filter capable of handling a wide operational flow range. The molded spine eliminates manual cleaning and the short backflush cycle means more uniform drip dispersal in the field. Polypropylene manifolds provide corrosion resistance. Factory tested and assembled - ready for hook-up and immediate operation.

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter is the latest generation in disc technology. It's an automatic disc filter that allows you to filter with lower energy requirements. The Apollo Filter provides high performance for large volumes of water and is a reliable, cost effective filtration solution.


Circulating Screen Filters provide continuous screen flushing reducing the need for manual cleaning. These filters maintain water flow without increased pressure loss and automatically remove residue from the screen during filtration. Filter element is a performated PVC cylinder with a highly durable stainless steel screen.

19000 Series Stainless Steel Screen Filters are manual filters with flanged connections. Screen is durable stainless steel and a ball valve on the cover plate allows for manual purging.

Manual Screen Filters are used for primary filtration of well water. These manual filters have grooved connections for easy installation and are designed in an angle configuration to eliminate the use of extra fittings. The screen is made of durable stainless steel wire mesh supported by a PVC perforated element.


AGF Media Filter Batteries are durable corrosion-proof media filters for water with high concentrations of organic materials. Proven backflush valves combined with an integral tank venting system provide smooth system start-up and backflush. Light-weight composite construction allows for easy transportation, large access ports allow for easy inspection of the media beds and interior mushrooms provide efficient backflushing.

Double Chamber Epoxy Coated Steel Media Filters are used as primary filters for water from open reservoirs and are excellent for high pressure applications. Multiple mushrooms provide more open flow area ensuring uniform water collection and backflush. Modular manifolds allow easy expansion.

Hydrocyclone Sand Separators separate sand and other solid matter from water with better than 90% efficiency. A conical shaped separator accelerates the velocity of water increasing the centrifical forces and maximizing separation. Flushing frequency is reduced due to the large holding capacity of the sedimentation tank. By removing sand and silt, the replacement cost of wastewater components is lowered adding years of performance to the life of the system.


Backflush Controllers are available with several options to fit your specific filtration application. Programming is quick and simple. Backflush controllers can be ordered installed on Netafim filters or as separate units. These controllers are reliable and long lasting.



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