Single Chamber Epoxy Coated Steel Media Filters

Single Chamber Epoxy Coated Steel Media Filters have an injection molded PVC underdrain system. The mushroom design provides thorough backflushing with equal pressure throughout the entire sand media bed.

Product Advantages

  • Single chambered filter allows for efficient filtration and backflush uniformity.
  • Larger top access port makes loading media and conducting maintenance easier.
  • Increased phenolic content in the tank’s coating increases rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Injection molded PVC underdrain system with mushrooms and V slots provides cleaning across the entire sand media bed.
  • Modular manifolds make installation and expansion easy.
  • Rust and maintenance free system.


  • Primary filter for water from open reservoirs and recycled water.
  • Filtration of water containing algae and other organic materials.

Single Chamber Epoxy Coated Steel Media Filters Technical


Water enters the filter via the inlet and spreads equally on the media. Dirt particles and organic materials are trapped in the media surface. The water that passes through and flows out via the filter elements will be free from dirt. The backflush cleaning process is done by shutting the inlet of the filter with the 3-way backflush valve and opening the drainage.


  • Flow Range: 200 to 374 GPM
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 90 psi
  • Minimum Backflush Pressure Required: 29 psi downstream of filter during backflush
  • Backflushing Flow Rate: 210 GPM
  • 6″ Diameter Access Port on Tank Dome Secured with Bolts
  • Media Depth: 16″


  • Filter Body: Epoxy-coated Carbon Steel
  • Underdrain Elements:
    – Injection molded PVC tubes with V slots of 0.02″
    – PVC tube with mushroom diffusers

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