Saddle Meters

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Every irrigation system- drip/micro, flood, sprinkler or center pivot – needs water and fertilizer delivered at the right time and in the right amounts. Metering is the only way to make sure water and fertilizers are delivered accurately. High quality Netafim Saddle Meters provide the confidence and assurance that the correct amount of water and fertilizer (nutrients) are being delivered to the crop maximizing yields and reducing energy costs. Available in 6″, 8”, 10” and 12” sizes for IPS pipe only.

Product Advantages

  • New upgraded programmable Electronic Register (ER) has rugged mechanical design tested to military standards
  • Multi-line readout screen provides complete flow and volume information
  • Vacuum sealed and tamper-proof IP68 register provides durability and long-term performance
  • Reliable flow readings without the problems associated with old-style drive trains and speedometer dial indicators
  • Accurate measurement of both high and low flows
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel saddle and bearing for long-life
  • Optional dry pulse output provides reliable communication and integration with Netafim automation products
  • Easy installation and retrofit to existing systems
  • Each meter ships with a certificate of calibration verifying flow accuracy with a +/- 2% for nominal flow rates


  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Wastewater
  • Utilities and Industrial Use

Saddle Meter Operation

The double magnetic transmission of the Saddle Meter along with repelling magnets ensures accurate measurements. Transmission gears are located in a sealed dry compartment which has no contact with the water – only the impeller contacts the water. The balanced impeller has an equal load on the front and rear bearings preventing wear and maintaining high accuracy. Injecting fertilizers and chemicals through the system will not damage the non-corrosive components of the Saddle Meter.


Netafim Electronic (ER) Digital Registers combine standard digital register features with dry pulse output capabilities. It clearly displays the rate of flow and volume readings in Gallons or Acre Feet. Additional features include:

  • Multi-line digital LCD readout – displays 9 digits for volume and 4 digits for flow
  • Stainless steel/plastic (IP68) encapsulated – guaranteed not to accumulate moisture or fog
  • Hermetically sealed and mounted in a dry compartment – no contact with the water
  • Interchangeable and easily replaced – only need common tools
  • Programmable to a wide variety of pipe sizes

Saddle Meter Technical

Straight Pipe Requirement

When water flows through a pipe, any transition through a fitting, elbow or change in pipe size, causes turbulence in the water. In order to eliminate water turbulence, saddle meters require straight pipe before and after the meter. Straight pipe installation refers to the length of straight pipe needed before (upstream of the saddle meter) and after (downstream of the saddle meter). Saddle meters require 10 x diameter before and 5 x diameter after. (Diameter = Meter Size)

Straight Pipe Installation Requirement

  • Straight pipe installation requirement: 10 x diameter pipe upstream (before the meter) and 5 x diameter pipe downstream (after the meter).
  • The saddle meter may be installed in any position. For non-horizontal positions, the flow shall be upwards.
  • Prior to installation of meter, the pipeline should be thoroughly flushed.
  • Meter must be installed so that the pipe is full of water at all times during metering.
  • Recommendation: Continuous Acting Air Vents of proper size and type be installed to eliminate air.