Company News

SuperNet-Micro Sprinklers Comply With NRCS Requirements

Ready to switch from aluminum overhead sprinklers to Netafim SuperNet Micro-Sprinklers? They’re trusted on more acres of strawberries than any other micro-sprinkler. You can confidently apply for NRCS EQIP funding since SuperNet has the highest uniformity of any sprinkler tested by the NRCS.

First Major U.S. Rice Drip Irrigation Project

Netafim Partners with Conaway Ranch in Woodland, California to reduce rice crop water use. This effort could serve as a model for other farms and potentially save hundreds of thousands of acre feet of water in California.

Installing Subsurface Drip Irrigation in Turf

Like most things, if you have the right plan from the start, results are typically better. Installing subsurface drip irrigation in a turf application is no exception to this rule. Follow these simple steps and start enjoying quality turf areas while experiencing significant water savings.

50 Years of Shaping the Future

Here at Netafim we believe that little things can make a big change. This video honors farmers across the globe who practice that philosophy by embracing drip irrigation technology to grow more crops with less resources. Drop by drop, field by field, country by country. The world of agriculture is evolving, directly impacting global water and land scarcity and ensuring food security for the world.

Netafim Milestones

Learn how a leaky water pipe sparked the vision which made the Israeli desert bloom. Ignited by that spark, a group of pioneers take the first step toward changing the world.

Netafim Landscape Controllers

The newly launched Landscape Controllers incorporate data from both above and below the soil surface to create an ongoing dialog between the controller, climate and soil, ensuring that the landscape is receiving precise amounts of water needed for healthy plant growth.