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Netafim™ Elevate LED Greenhouse Lighting

Netafim™ Elevate LED Greenhouse Lighting

High performance LED greenhouse lighting for increased yields in protected agriculture applications.

NetBow is a container irrigation multi outlet dripper arc


Elevate yield and other crop characteristics with the industry's highest performing spectrally tunable LED grow light. Whether growing flowers, vegetables, fruit, or medicinal plants, the Elevate product family will help deliver more from the plants with less power, risk & resource consumption.





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Elevate – Subcanopy

Unique form factor, programmable drivers and ultra-cool operation allow the grower to position the Elevate LED light bars below the upper flower layer delivering much needed energy deep within the canopy. This saves energy, reduces the risk of bleaching and improves harvest consistency.






Main benefits of Elevate

Ideal blend of photosythentic efficiency, uniformity and economy.

Create unique product attributes from custom spectrum.

Ruggedized PCB configuration and power supply designs support best-in-class warranties.

Over-molded quick connect AC and DC power connectors and snap together bar construction allows for easy, low-cost installation and mainenance.

What value do I get from Elevate?

  • Maximize crop yield
  • Dial-in unique crop characteristics
  • Reduce AC load
  • Cut electricity expenses
  • Double canopy size per building footprint

What value do I get from Elevate Subcanopy?

  • Dramatically improve canopy penetration
  • Reduce bleaching risk at high output
  • Improve harvest consistency
  • Reduce total energy requirement


  • PPE (μmol/J): > 2.8
  • PPF (μmol/s): > 1950
  • PPFD: 700 – 1000 Typ.
  • Recommended Coverage Area: 4’x4’ single unit (6- to 10-bar); 4’x5’ end-to-end (8- to 12-bar)
  • Power Supplies: Dim-to-Off, Programmable
  • Testing / Certification: UL / DLC
  • Warranty (System): 5 years Warranty (Driver): 7 years (@ < 75°C)
  • Fixture Dimensions/Weight: Max 43” x 45” x 5” (drivers on-board) @ 34 lbs; Max 43” x 45” x 3” (drivers remote) @ 22 lb


Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk about what your crop needs.