Netafim’s Landscape Controllers set a new precedent for landscape design and efficient water-use as they incorporate data from both above and below the soil surface to create an ongoing dialog between the controller, climate and soil, ensuring that the landscape is receiving the precise amount of water needed for healthy plant growth. Engineered with web-based remote management capabilities, 2-wire technology, intuitive programming, and a wealth of water-saving features, landscape designers, contractors and end-users are now able to realize the full water, time and labor saving benefits of a complete Netafim irrigation system.

Netafim Landscape Controller NLC-100S Conventional

Stand Alone Controller for Converting Conventional Systems to Remote Management

Netafim Landscape Controller NLC-100S Hybrid

Stand Alone Controller Includes Hybrid Technology with Master Valve and Sensor Inputs

Netafim Landscape Controller NLC-100D Decoder

Decoder Based 2-Wire Controller with Integrated Diagnostics and Flexibility

Netafim Landscape Controller NLC-3D Hybrid

2-Wire Interface Adapts to Any Conventional Controller Enabling System Expansion

Instructional Videos

Learn how to connect, program, and install Netafim Landscape Controllers and Accessories.