Netafim Landscape Controller NLC-100S Conventional

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to Retrofit
    Expressly designed to convert a conventional system to a remote management system with a wealth of controller capabilities.
  • Patented Total Cycle Management
    Totally integrated system utilizing a weather station, tipping rain bucket and up to 10 soil moisture sensors.
  • Manage Remotely
    Control irrigation programs and review daily logs and schedules for multiple sites from any web-based computer (service contract required).
  • Instant Troubleshooting
    Built-in monitors and alarms send automatic notifications pinpointing the exact nature of the problem (service contract required).



  • For commercial and residential applications
  • For recreational applications such as sports fields, parks and arenas
  • Remote management from any web-based computer
  • Nurseries and greenhouses




NLC-100S Conventional Technical


  • Stations (Valves): 1 – 100*
  • Electrical Input: 115VAC, 50VA
    Electrical Output: 24VAC
  • Maximum Simultaneous Active Valves: 6
  • Master Valves: 1, 10 second stop delay
  • Booster Pumps: 2, 10 second stop delay
  • Built-in Lightning Protection
  • Valve Output: 24VAC, 1.0 A per station maximum, 1.5 A total maximum
  • Cabinet: Wall mounted NEMA 4 rated locking plastic or stainless steel cabinet with internal Class 2 transformer
  • Flow Sensing Capable

*Stations from 26-50 require NLCCAB20. Stations from 51-75 and 76-100 each require an NLCEXTP.



Remote Management

  • Via the internet when equipped with GSM or LAN
  • Direct virtual screen control
  • Real time web pages via Cycle Manager software
  • Remote App for all smart phone and tablet platforms

Conservation Features

  • Rain Sensor Terminals/Pulse, N/O, N/C
  • Flow Sensor inputs at the Controller with:
    – Alarms: High, Unscheduled, % Deviations, Main Pump Failure with adjustable delay
    – Learn flow per station
  • Moisture Sensors up to 10 per Controller
    – Monitoring by % volume and inches
    – Allow and inhibit per program
    – Automatically adjust ET based programs
  • Multiple ET sources
    – Historic ET by city
    – Local on-site weather station
    – Server based data


NLC-100S Conventional Ordering