Netafim Landscape Controller NLC-100S Hybrid

Features & Benefits

  • Master Valve and Flow Meter Inputs
    Add a master valve and flow meter to the system on top of the existing valve’s common and control wires.
  • Add Multiple Valves
    Ability to add multiple valves to an existing system from any valve location.
  • Convert to a 2-Wire System
    Enjoy all the advantages of a 2-Wire decoder system utilizing the existing control wires.
  • Manage Remotely
    Control irrigation programs and review daily logs and schedules for multiple sites from any web-based computer (service contract required).
  • Combine Multiple Controllers
    Combining multiple controller into one minimizes power drops and recurring server fees.


  • Commercial and HOA applications with battery operated controllers
  • Retrofit applications requiring flow sensors
  • Applications that require the rezoning or expansion of existing systems

NLC-100S Hybrid Technical



  • Stations (Valves): 12 – 100
  • Electrical Input: 115VAC, 50VA
    Electrical Output: 24VAC
  • Maximum Simultaneous Active Valves: 6
  • Master Valves: 1, 10 sec. stop delay
  • Booster Pumps: 2, 10 sec. stop delay
  • Built-in Lightning Protection
  • Valve Output: 24VAC, 1.0 A per station maximum, 1.5 A total maximum
  • Cabinet: Wall mounted NEMA 3 rated locking metal cabinet with internal Class 2 transformer


Hybrid Module

  • Stations (Valves): 6 or 24
    Up to 48 with additional hybrid board
  • Electrical Input: 24VAC sources from current controller
  • Includes (1) Master valve and (1) Flow sensor input
  • Up to 3 stations simultaneously
  • 2-Wire distances up to 8,000′
  • Program Decoders at Hybrid controller or with the optional programmer
  • Requirements:
    – Decoder for converted stations and Master valve
    – Sensor decoder for Flow sensor




NLC-100S Hybrid Ordering