2-Wire Cable by Tucor

tucor-cableTucor control cable is a tough, reliable wire designed to operate valve decoders and sensor decoders. It consists of tin-coated bar copper conductors insulated with PVDC and high-density polyethylene, direct burial jacket. Operating two valves simultaneously, the cable can extend to 10,200 feet on 16 gauge and 16,300 on 14 gauge. *Additional gauges are available by special order. In most applications, 16 gauge is the wire of choice since it is easier and more durable than 14 gauge. Wires are color-coded red and black for troubleshooting ease. Jackets are available in multiple colors for easy wire identification and tracing.


INSULATION: Polyvinylchloride
JACKET: Polyethylene
WIRE: Copper, Tin Coated
SIZES: 12 to 18 AWG
COLORS*: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue
SPOOL LENGTH*: 500’, 1,000‘, 2,500’
*Certain wire colors and spool sizes are special order.


tucor-chartWORKING RANGE

The length of the cable required for reliable operation of the valves is dependent on the size of the wires and the number of valves that need to be operated simultaneously. If the line is supplied with power from one end only (not looped), the ranges can be read off the table below. The table is based on standard valves (24VAC, 2 W, 28 Ω) using default Netafim switch code settings. Looping the wire greatly extends the range. Utilizing a different valve power, changing the specified wiring type, length, valve distribution or connectors may result in less capability of active stations.