How things grow - good soil, the right weather and long months of hard work. In the agricultural industry – you need them all. But in the end - what you can count on is quality, reliable products and responsive service from Netafim.

Netafim offers a full range of products to satisfy all your drip/micro irrigation needs - including driplines, sprinklers, filters, valves, crop management technologies and other vital system support - such as technical education and agronomic expertise.

Whether you need an entire system or want to upgrade and replace existing parts, Netafim can provide the best solution for your specific irrigation requirements. With Netafim you can set up a complete system of well-made, quality products from one company that work together, optimizing your irrigation system. All backed by a sincere commitment to quality and service, you are assured of reliability with the proven leader.

Netafim - Leading the way in Drip/Micro Irrigation Products Since 1965


Netafim Recycling Icon

Netafim Recycling

We'll pick up used irrigation tubing/hose/tape in California - at no cost to the grower - and recycle it for reuse in new dripline. For more information, visit the Netafim Recycling website.


measure your payback on drip irrigation with the Drip/Micro Payback Wizard

Drip/Micro Irrigation Payback Wizard

In only 4 steps calculate your estimated ROI for drip irrigation and how many additional acres could be irrigated with the water conserved by drip.