Using drip tubing/hose or drip tape for irrigation is reliable, easy and convenient. With Netafim Recycling, getting rid of used irrigation tubing in an environmentally responsible way is just as reliable, easy and convenient.

Netafim Recycling collects and manufactures new, recycled plastic irrigation tubing in California. Our recycling and manufacturing operations create local jobs and boosts our state economy. We are proud of protecting the environment through our recycling efforts while improving the quality of life for Californians.

Netafim Recycling will pick up used irrigation tubing/hose/tape right from your farm, which provides you with disposal convenience and cost savings. We recycle the used irigation tubing/hose/tape to produce a recycled resin that is re-used in mining and landscape dripline applications. In landscape, recycled content is critical for a number of sustainable building initiatives. The recycled resin also gets used in industrial products such as plastic pallets

Netafim Recycling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netafim Irrigation, Inc of Fresno, California.

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  • Taking used irrigation tubing/hose/tape to a landfill is costly
  • Burning and burying used irrigation tubing/hose/tape on your property has legal and environmental ramifications
  • Leaving used irrigation tubing/hose/tape above ground is unsightly and can create a safety hazard
  • Netafim Recycling picks it up at no cost to you


Netafim Recycling has made the recycling process easier and more convenient. We provide farmers with a free and efficient alternative to get rid of used irrigation tubing/hose/tape. Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the short pick-up request form.
  2. You will be contacted to schedule a site visit.
  3. After your site visit and approval, a pick-up appointment will be made.
  4. We pick up your used irrigation tubing/hose/tape at NO COST to you.