Quick Relief (QR) Valves 

QR Valve

6" QR Valve

2" Angle QR Valve

Quick Relief (QR) Valves are the universal solution for protecting all types of pump stations, filters and pipelines. A QR Valve ensures that a potential pressure rise in the system will not damage the critical components of your irrigation system. This is accomplished by maintaining or continuously 'sensing' the pressure in the line upstream of the valve and quickly opening the valve and venting the excess pressure from the system. Once the pressure declines and returns to normal, the QR valve will return slowly to its closed position. 

Product Advantages

  • Quick relief action ensures maximum security pressure. Large water passages allow the chamber of the valve to vent quickly, providing immediate protection.
  • Slow closure provides water hammer protection. The 'no slam' design allows the valve to close slowly, reducing the danger of water hammer when the system goes back to normal. Speed of closure is adjustable.
  • Pilot operated valve = flexibility. The set point of the valve is adjustable allowing the user the flexibility to change the setting if the requirements change. A large pressure range is covered with one spring. Straight and angle configurations and threaded, flanged or grooved connections.
  • Hydraulic valve with direct sealing diaphragm means longer functional life. No stem, shaft or bearings within the water passage.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.