Thinwall Driplines

Tomatoes irrigated with thinwall drip tubing (tape)

Nothing Compares to the Uniformity and Durability of Netafim Thinwall Driplines

Netafim Thinwall Dripline drippers are injection-molded and welded into wall of seamless tubing, supplying the highest level of distribution uniformity. Seamless tubing construction makes it stronger and more durable than comparable tape-type driplines. Netafim’s unique flap technology protects the dripper against suction of debris and root intrusion making Netafim Thinwall Driplines the most reliable product on the market today.

Streamline Thinwall Dripline is the perfect choice for row crop growers planting short to medium sized runs. Available with variable dripper spacings, allowing growers to customize systems based on their application rates and wetting patterns and numerous wall thicknesses that can weather various environmental conditions. For surface or subsurface installations in practically any soil type.

Typhoon Thinwall Dripline is the ideal growing choice for growers irrigating large-sized fields with dirty water conditions. Available in a variety of large hose sizes, giving growers the freedom to design longer runs – reducing material and labor costs. For both surface or subsurface installations – season after season.

DripNet PC Thinwall Dripline - The industry’s first pressure compensating, multi-season dripline. The DripNet PC combines the best of both worlds – a pressure compensating dripper in a thinwall tubing. Together these advanced technologies allow irrigation of row crops over hilly terrain with quarter-mile or longer runs at an affordable price.

Thinwall Fittings for use with Netafim thinwall driplines - Streamline, Typhoon and DripNet PC. They provide secure connections with easy and fast hand installation.