Banner Harvest Season: A Season of Hope

Harvest Season: A Season of Hope

Harvest season is more than just a busy time of year for farmers across the country, it’s a period of hope, a time to reflect, and a chance to improve. Optimism is in the air as the fruit of months of labor comes to fruition.

As it is with life, we have a limited number of harvests to learn from. In the span of a lifetime, a farmer may only have 40-50 chances to “do it right”. Even if everything within a farmer’s control is done well, Mother Nature can throw a curve ball that derails the results of the year. Each harvest season is a new opportunity to learn and build an improvement plan for the next year.

Here at Netafim, Orbia’s Precision Agriculture business, we work with farmers to improve yields and manage water scarcity. We’re proud to help farmers with this aspect of their farming “recipe” improving the odds of a successful harvest. In much of the Western US, drip irrigation is a tried-and-true practice. However, I sometimes get the chance to speak with farmers who are experiencing their first harvest after adopting drip irrigation. During a recent trip to Canada, I spoke with a customer who had recently invested in a state-of-the-art Netafim sub-surface drip irrigation system. The smile on his face and the optimism he showed for future harvests when he spoke of yield increases made the trip worthwhile. Instead of continuing to accept the yield variability he had seen for years due to field topography, he utilized pressure-compensating sub-surface drip irrigation to improve irrigation uniformity and increase yields. We’re proud to have helped him manage the controllables and build a path of continuous improvement for future harvests.

Each year, harvest is a season of hope. I am honored to have the privilege of helping farmers improve the efficiency of their operations and the success of their harvests. As we head into the final stretch of 2024, I look forward to continuing to celebrate the farmers whose hard work and commitment all year make a bountiful harvest possible.

Interested in knowing more?

Interested in knowing more?